A beautiful  Christmas and Chanukah story; how Ana created a snow angel with a snow heart. It took lightning, a snow storm, love, warmth, compassion, blood and good deeds creating the miracle of life.

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by Amos Knoll


Liyla the Black Dog

An experiment that went wrong creating a dog that has special powers. Only one scientist knew what it was .Now the government is trying to destroy all evidence including Liyla.

From the  book: Max and the Red-Haired-Dragon.

"Judge people not by their color, gender or appearance, judge people only what is in their hearts and mind. Contrary to what you hear or believe there is only one race, the Human-Race!"

  From the book:The Chubby Conqueror
A letter to the first Lady:

My name is Billy.   I saw your campaign on TV regarding obesity, and saw that you started a"LET'S MOVE" campaign., and I want to help all the kids  .I heard what you said about getting sick from obesity, and I want to know what I can do to help my parents.  I don't want them to die.  Perhaps  I can help other people at the same time.

I'm also inclosing a picture of my family . I know they are extra big but they are great parents,  and I love them.  My Librarian said that if you want to move a nation you must start with the grass roots. I want to build a grass root foundation, so I can help other boys and girls like me.

When I heard you on TV, you listed  all the sicknesses that obesity can cause, and you said that people can die from it.

Please help me save my mom and dad. I don't want them to die.

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-Excerpt from the best-selling book  

The Flower that could not talk:

He thought, When you watch television, you can't tough or smell the flower.You can't  feel the soft summer breeze. If you stay indoor in the winter, you can't feel "Mr. frosty" nipping at your nose or have a  snow flake melt in your hand. You don't see the real  color of the sky or a rainbow after a soft warm rain. How sad that the other kids don't smell, see and tough real flowers or take the time to enjoy nature.

All they do is watch a glass tube with color and words, but no warmth, no taste or smell.  How sad.


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The real Max & Gabriel the plush dragon

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Those amazing eyes feel like they can pierce right through your mind like an X-ray and read  all your thought..

Gabriel the dragon is passing on the message   "there is only one human race"

The Little Snow Boy

This beautiful story was created when the son asked his mother "Mama, why am I black."

His mother answered : "You are black because you were created from the best of me and your dad into one beautiful baby, Dads brown skin with his hazel eyes and my blue eyes and white skin, including my strawberry blond hair, and all the smartness and love we shared was created in you. Iskinder smiled proudly. His mother said, "Look into my eyes and always remember; always be proud of your identity and dwell upon it because this is what makes you differant, not the outside color"