Other Books by Amos Knoll

List reflects books both finished and in production

  • The Flower that Could Not Talk
  • The Chubby Conqueror
  • Max and the Red-Haired Dragon
  • Liyla, The Black Dog
  • The Little Time Traveler
  • The Magic Song
  • The Good Alien
  • Max the Fireman  
  • The Adventure of Max & Chucky
  • The Forbidden Love
  •  The Source
  • Mom ,Why Am I Black
  • The Enchanted Stone
  • The Universe In Us
  • True Novel
  • 20 short stories :such as the Orchid that blinked

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Other works by Amos Knoll:

       Featured Author, Artist and 

            motivational speaker:

 Amos Knoll

Amos Knoll is an established author , having written book of  motivation and inspiration such as The Chubby Conqueror, which is under talks with producers and directors to create a movie by the same name.  The book was written as a rally point to help fight the obesity epidemic .

Amos  other books such as The Flower that could not talk shows a handicapped boy that is unable to speak  but can appreciate Mother Nature and is able to communicate with her.

It teaches our children that their whole life is not based on Television, Video games, and computers. There is a whole world out there waiting to be appreciated by them. Books such as Max and the Red-Haired Dragon,Liyla The Black Dog,  The Little Snow boy etc. all have  a message about life.

Amos the author of 16 other books  and 20 short stories is still writing  books of inspiration. He  is also the founder and  Chairman of the Children Obesity Foundational a 501(c )(3) nonprofit organization to help fight the obesity epidemic  by teaching our children and their parents  a healthy lifestyle. www.obesitystops.org 

Amos is fully active as an author while running the foundation.  Active in book signing events , motivational speaker etc. Amos feels that sometimes in life , we must give back, whether inwealth or experience what we learned from our  own life's experience.

With  a business acumen developed from wall Street, Amos spent most of his adult life as a builder and developer , real estate broker , financier in addition to import -export business in Africa and Europe ,recycle yard, energy conservation  company, etc.
 Israel - born during WWII in 1943 . Amos moved to Vienna, Austria at age 5 and finally to Brooklyn New York at age 10. Despite the fact that he was mugged, shot, stabbed  by knife drowned, lost kidney, rolled  down a mountain  in car, etc. Amos  in his travel around the world  has seen the evil that man can do to each other.

He is a firm believer that he is the luckiest man alive because things could always be worse!

Despite being fully grounded in reality  Amos the eternal optimist always finds the best in life and people.


by Amos Knoll.

From book:

 Max the Fireman

Liyla the Black Dog

Amos the artist

Reading book to class

by Amos Knoll.

From the book:

The Flower that could not  talk

From new book:  

The Adventure  of Max & Chucky

"YES" there is a real Max and a real plush Dragon

Time flies by and waits for no one.

Enjoy every moment whyle you are on the ride through time and space.

Liyla the Black Dog

From the new Book:

True Novel