Only The Nose Knows

The Blinking Orchid

By Amos Knoll.

By Amos Knoll


Remembering jokes that were passed down from one generation to the next.

Making fun of oneself normal body functions are known as flatulation, farting, blowing the horn, one just squeezed by, who stepped on the frog? etc. It is sure to make parents and kids laugh, or who can forget   " pull my finger"

Lisa was dying and all the doctors and modern medicine could not help her. She put her hope on a white orchid and a bumble bee. Every morning the orchid would blink at little Lisa which gave her the hope and strength the little girl needed.

One day the bumble bee stung her, it was painful.   The story is about faith and the strength one little girl had against the impossible. Sometimes whether divine intervention, mother nature, or just faith helps us overcome our moments in need. But most important don't underestimate the power and the wisdom of a seven-year-old girl.