Today too many  Children and adults who go to school and graduate and later want to go back and learn some more to further their career don't know how to study. Studying for Success will teach them.




Kelvin George.

Is the author of  :  Studying For Success

He is also an active member on  the board  of Children Obesity Foundation as the:

President of Operations / Business analyst


Kelvin George: is on the board of directors of the Children Obesity Foundation satisfying the position of Director of Operations and Business Analyst. He attained an MBA from the Henley University Of Readings UK in Business Administration and Finance, an AMBE with the Association of Business Executives, an ADV Diploma, and Diplomas in Management and Accounting. Recently he has undergone training to become Business Analyst, additionally, he is pursuing the Mastering Certificate of Business Analysis, the CBAP (Certified Business Analyst Professional), and CCBA (Certificate of Certified Business Analyst).\
Within the period 1999 to 2007, he was employed with the National Water and Sewerage Authority water utility (Grenada) where he satisfied the position of Deputy Finance Manager and developed a Revenue Collection Department, assisted in the redrafting of its legislation and restructuring of its tariff or rates. During the period 2006-2012, he was nominated and selected to serve on the Credit Committee and on the Board of Directors of the Grenada Public Service Cooperative Credit Union where I shared my expertise.

Based on his career interest he joined Corporate Systems Consolidators where he functioned as a Business Analyst and Consultant for (4) years 2007-2010. He also invested and worked as the Managing Director and Accountant of OK Fun Spot Amusement park and as a Management and Financial Consultant with the Mia Media Communication Groups Inc the publisher of Legacy Miami, Legacy South Florida, Legacy Orlando, and three (3) Business Publications.

During his extensive professional career, he devoted time to write the book titled Studying for Success which is currently in print and on Amazon.

His book teaches adults, College graduates, and school kids the real comprehensive way of how to study effectively and understand the meaning of the course they are taking.